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Robert de Stefano is an award-winning commercial writer-director, former chronic insomniac turned passionate self-help, safe-sleep motivational author, speaker and natural sleep aid product innovator. Robert believes that a better life begins with better sleep.


Robert de Stefano, Self-help, Safe-sleep Authority.

Is insomnia relief without drugs possible? Absolutely! According to motivational self-help, safe-sleep speaker and advocate Robert deStefano. With the passion of a person out to make a difference and the empathy that comes only from one who has lived through near debilitating chronic insomnia first-hand, Robert advocates that undoing insomnia comes quickly and easily if you embrace your own personal capacity to effect change.

“Here’s what people don’t understand … sleep drugs steal your inner power to achieve natural sleep. Relying on them supports the defeatist narrative… the ‘I can’t sleep – I don’t sleep – I won’t sleep’ story that dooms us to long, sleepless nights” deStefano says. “We have the power to flip that narrative upside down – just by realizing that insomnia is a situation that requires self-recalibration not a disease that demands medication.”

Robert deStefano is a former award-winning commercial writer and director. While his drive helped to lead his San Francisco ad agency into national prominence – his two or three hours of sleep per night put Robert on the brink of serious health issues and severe anxiety. Frustrated with ineffective sleep drugs and their doping side effects, Robert created his own better sleep program built on intention and sleep-positive know-how and tools. The result effectively ended Robert’s 20-year battle with insomnia and along with it created a new career as a ‘Take back your sleep’ advocate.

Today, Robert is the cofounder and creator/director of Sleep Garden's clinically proven, best-selling audio and DVD sleep aid titles: zMusic, zYoga and zMovie. Sleep Garden titles are now used in homes across America and in 20 countries worldwide as well as in hotels like the Fairmont and JW Marriott, spas, sleep clinics and hospitals. zMovie, reviewed by YahooMovies as being "the perfect way to wind down and restore inner peace and balance" was recently featured on American Airlines. Robert also travels the country speaking passionately about his unabashed belief that sleep drugs are part of the problem not the solution - while providing the practical secrets needed to help anyone get the sleep they deserve. Robert is currently directing Sleep Garden’s latest release, “zKids, Enter The Magic Sleep Garden” featuring internationally known child therapist and author Jenny Freeman.

Now seemingly tireless, Robert is also leading the formation of a new venture with nationally renowned organic skincare expert Melissa Jochim. Melissa is best known for creating hundreds of organic skincare products for brands like Beauty without Cruelty, Avalon, Alba and Juice Beauty. With the objective of “putting the night back into night cream, and the beauty back into sleep™”, Robert and Melissa have created “Nocturnals|Night Spa™” by Rome Dejo Bella, the first organic skincare system developed to serve as both an advanced, age-defying skin treatment and a stress and tension releasing, sleep-inducing bedtime ritual.

As a natural sleep aid, Nocturnals|Night SPA provides the user the fast working, stress-releasing bedtime ritual critical to initiate the relaxation response. A must, as Robert teaches, to be able to enter into restorative sleep. When viewed as a skincare treatment, it is clear that with Nocturnals, Jochim leveraged her more than fifteen years as an organic skincare formulator to break new ground in effectiveness.

“So many of the skincare products on the market just sit on top of the skin, creating a ruse of effectiveness,” said Jochim. “Nocturnals Transdermal Technology™ delivers our advanced blend of age-defying antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin-rich organic emollients deeply into the dermal layers, where they work overnight to restore smoothness, firmness and chase away lines. Then we really distance ourselves from the competition by adding our sleep-inducing blend of seven plant essential oils and eight botanical extracts. Nocturnals is a continuum of nourish sleep-sleep-nourish … it’s the secret to beautiful, healthy skin and a centered soul ” she concluded. Nocturnals will be available in spas October of 2006.

With the strong market acceptance of Sleep Garden and the interest in the Nocturnals line, Robert is increasingly optimistic that the American consumer is ready to turn it’s back on the dangers of side-effect loaded sleep drugs and take back their sleep naturally; “Despite the onslaught of hundreds of millions of advertising dollars the sleep drug companies spend,” said Robert, “in general the consumer is better informed now about sleep drugs, not so easily sucked into the siren song of safety the drug companies are attempting to push on us. And that’s a good thing.”


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